Daleet Spector design firm specify t concrete sinks to VerteX design studio back in 2014 for the design of this master bathroom in Marina Del Ray house.

Now after 2 years the design won the competition of Bathroom design 2016 for CA California Home + Design.  We are happy to be able to serve interior designers like Daleet.

These concrete sink are sized 42″ x 24″ x 10″ and the wash basin is sized   20″ x 12″ x 5-7/8″.

You can order yours HERE

These are Glass fiber reinforced concrete so they are not as heavy as it looks and its only 3/4″ shell of concrete all around.

The process would be a negative mold of actual sink and the concrete sprayed inside the mold. Then it takes a day to dry and cure. after curing process we grind the edges then take it out of mold. then we wash it with light sanding where it need sand. then it has to dry for couple of days so the water content of concrete is about 0.2 %. then we start the sealing process which concrete has to heat up to 120 degree fahrenheit  open its pores and absorb the sealing material. sealer is penetrating sealer and it takes up to 10 coats to perfectly seal the concrete. every coat we burnish the concrete with hog’s hair pad and polish machine to get a shinny and clean surface.

You could also see the process in pictures below.

Concrete sink award california home design 2016

Concrete sink award california home design 2016



IMG_2442 IMG_2554

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