Venice Chamber of Commerce

Venice Chamber of Commerce

Venice Chamber of commerce.

VerteX design studio had participated in Venice Chamber of Commerce for the first year that we registered as a member.
We had a very interesting night with lots and lots of people who were super interested in concert fabrication and the industrial look of concrete.
From our sink fabrication to fabric concrete coffee table with high gloss finish on top, people have been so supportive so we feel so special and love to continue what we do.
Concrete fabric coffee tables were the center of attention last night, our innovative and patent pending product are so light yet super sturdy that you can seat on, so far we tested with 200 lbs. the person seating on and move around so we could test the results. we are continuing to get other fabric and work on the smoothness of final product. Shape and forms are studied at this level and open up other possibilities for form exploration and fabrication. our innovative concrete fabrication let us to reduce weight, strength and other physical property of fabric concrete so we can use this material in construction of buildings.

Fire resistance, light weight, easy to form, easy to make, availability and cost of our products  are the most popular aspect of fabric concrete.

Our concrete fabric can be considered as post consumer products if we use used fabric instead of new one.

We are going to present these fabric coffee tables at DWELL on Design 2016 this coming June 24th -26th.

For free 1-day ticket to Dwell on Design show please email  your


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put DWELL on subject, otherwise the email would be deleted.


VerteX design studio is design base company were study about design in Architecture, Interior, Furniture and product design.

We are pushing the limitation of concrete products and techniques to achieve new material for modern live.

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